Booked in -Summer Reading Plans 2017

I recently finished my second year University exams and while I was revising I had a few ideas about books I wanted to read or, more accurately in the case of many of them, re-read. At the time I didn’t really want to get started with any because I always find reading hard when I’m revising so I decided to do the second best thing and make a list.

Now, even though I’m calling this list ‘reading plans’ it’s not a reading challenge or set in stone, to be honest I think some of these picks might just have been my brain trying to get me to procrastinate, but only time will tell!!

So here goes:

  1. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

Book number one on this list and the first book I will ever discuss on this blog is, fittingly, my favourite book ever, although I have only ever read it once. This novel is about a girl called Liesel navigating Germany during World War II, as narrated by Death. It is also the most beautiful book I have ever read. Never have I spent so much time just holding a book in my hands, breathing deeply, and thinking about what I have just read. I tell every single person who asks me for a book recommendation (and let’s be honest, every single person who doesn’t ask too) to read this book, so this summer it’s time to take my own advice, and enjoy it all over again!

2.  The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Another re-read here and my second favourite book ever. The Fault in Our Stars is narrated by Hazel, who has lung cancer, and mainly follows her relationship with Augustus Waters, who she meets at a cancer support group. Different to ‘The Book Thief’ I have read this book many, many times. It is not too long and I find John Green very easy to read, so if I am ever in a reading slump or feeling stressed or anything really, this is the book I turn to. I’m sure this summer will be no different.

3. The Lord of the Rings – J. R. R. Tolkien

A bit of a disclaimer on this one: I got the urge to re-read the series while I was in the middle of my revision, so it is not only possible but highly likely that this was a mega procrastination plan! I often find fantasy set in different worlds quite difficult to read but Middle Earth is a land I love to get lost in so we’ll have to see if I go back to it this summer. I might just take part in some book betrayal though and watch the films!

4. The Lorien Legacies – Pittacus Lore

Another series here, and this one I have read about half of. The first book in this series ‘I am Number Four’ (about one of a group of aliens who come to earth to try and escape being hunted) came out in 2011 and I really enjoyed it. I kept reading the books as the came out but in the periods between releases I lost track of the story (I have a mega case of reading amnesia!) so in the end I just kind of gave up. Different to other series I have abandoned, though, I still have an interest in this one so I’m hoping to finish it during the summer, reading the books close enough together so that I actually understand what’s going on this time!

So there we have it. My summer reading plans 2017. Will I actually stick to them? I have no idea, but my summer starts here, so we’ll just have to wait and see!!


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