Diary of a Book-dropper

Earlier this year I took up bookdropping, which is where you leave books in public places for people to find. I got inspired to start by a couple of different thing

  1. Look Wider – I am part of the Senior Section of Girl Guiding and as part of one of their schemes you have to take part in some community action. One of the suggested activities was ‘if you find a good book, pass it on’ and I thought, what better way of passing a book on than leaving it in a public place for someone to  stumble across?!

2. Emma Watson – The actress, Emma Watson, has been book-dropping for a while now, for example sharing feminist literature. Recently, she left books at Eleanor Roosevelt and Joan of Ark’s memorials for International Women’s Day in March. As a huge fan of Emma Watson, finding out about her bookdropping just made me more eager to do it myself!

When I first decided I wanted to start bookdropping I did what anyone does when they want to try something new; I Googled it. What I came across was a cool little website called BookCrossing.

BookCrossing allows you to drop your book as you normally would but with a chance to track your them as they travel. When you decide you want to share a book with the world, you register it on BookCrossing, they give you a code, which you can stick inside the book, and then, when people discover the book, they can go to the website and log it (if they want) and you can track where your book is going, which I have found hugely exciting!

So far I have released 6 books (BookCrossing uses the term ‘release’ instead of ‘dropping’ which I love because it makes the books sound alive!) and 2 have been logged with people making lovely comments saying it was really nice to find the book. Although I would love to say this is a completely altruistic exercise, it does give me a warm, tingly feeling inside to know I have made people smile just by putting a book on a bench!

Bookcrossing (2)

For me, what’s great about BookCrossing, and bookdropping in general, is that you don’t necessarily have to pass on a book that you have loved or even liked. Instead, you can share a book that wasn’t quite to your taste because, guaranteed, if you don’t like it someone else will!

With summer upon us, I have plans to (hopefully) release some more books and (hopefully) make some more people smile when they come across them!

P.S. In my pictures, the books are in little bags which I purchased from the BookCrossing shop. If you want to release your own books, you don’t have to buy any supplies, you can just release them in clear bags (but be sure to make it clear that it is a free book for anyone to pick up!) or if you don’t fancy releasing them outside, you could always just leave them inside for example in a café.



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