Bookish Holiday Haul

As you might know, last week I went on a lovely adventure in London (which you can read more about here if you fancy). Before that I had a week in Hampshire with the family and then visited North Yorkshire to see my Mum’s family for a few days. Naturally, on my travels, I managed to amass quite a bookish haul which I though I might share here with you!

While we were in Hampshire we visited a town called Lyndhurst in the New Forest. What I didn’t know about Lyndhurst until we went into a lovely little shop called Down to the Wood though, was that Alice Liddell, who inspired the Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, had lived most of her life in Lyndhurst and was also buried there. In the shop they had these beautiful handmade cards (Alice and the Chesire Cat are made from recycled wood) and after hearing about Alice Liddell, of course I had to have one!


Another literary location we visited (although we knew about this one’s literary links beforehand!) was the Jane Austen’s house museum in Chawton. Here, we had a wander through the house and garden and I was massively excited to be whithin touching distance of Jane’s writing table! Of course, though, I couldn’t leave without an ‘I heart Mr Darcy badge’ which went straight onto my backpack strap!


Onto books and I was lucky enough to have a few good spots in charity shops. I managed to stumble upon ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’ by Dave Eggers which has been on my Amazon wishlist for ages, so that’s always exciting. I also chanced upon ‘The Ode Less Travelled By’ by Stephen Fry, which I had actually spotted in the library a few days before we went on holiday, and ‘Negotiating with the Dead’ by Margaret Atwood. This was also very exciting because I had just finished reading (and loved) ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ so I’m really excited to read a non-fiction by Atwood on a topic that interests me (the subtitle of the book is ‘a writer on writing’ which is gold to me).


Lastly on the book front is my Hufflepuff edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter. I have wanted one of these books for so long and was so happy when we spotted them and my Dad offered to get one for me and my sister (Ravenclaw for her). I absolutely love the stripy yellow and black pages and all of the extra Hufflepuff information at the back, although the presence of Cedric Diggory as a memorable Hufflepuff student did bring a tear to my eye (book Cedric will always have my heart!).


Next, I had some gift vouchers from my Mum and Dad, which I decided to spend on a Literary Listography book. There’s actually a whole series of these listography books (I think they were created by Lisa Nola) but of course I was drawn to the literary one. Not only does it give me something to do in my spare time, I also thought it might give me some ideas for this blog and, as a bonus, it has some beautiful paintings next door to the lists.


Last in my bookish holiday haul are two badges that I got in London. One, was my Hufflepuff sew on badge which I got from the Harry Potter shop on Platform 9 3/4 which I predictably love. I also have a Moomin Shop pin badge from the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden. Just in case you don’t know about the Moomins, they are like little white trolls, created and written about by Tove Jansson. They are incredibly cute and you should go check them out. Seriously, you won’t regret it.


Anyway, there we have it, my bookish holiday haul for this summer but hopefully I can go on some more adventures and find some more bookish treasures soon!!


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