Blogger Recognition Award

Recently I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award three times! Thank you so much A Redhead’s Rambling, Violet @The Whimsical Words of an Agreeable Bookworm and 5171 Miles Book Blog!

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  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Select 10/15 other bloggers you want to give this award to and let them know you nominated them

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How Anatomy of a Book Thief started:

I’ve always loved reading and during my first year of university (studying English language and literature) I started watching a few booktube videos. I knew being on camera wasn’t necessarily my thing but watching these videos made me want an outlet where I could discuss books. One of my friends happened to have their own blog and told me how fun it was so I decided that I wanted to set up a book blog. Obviously (procrastinator that I am!) I sat on the idea for a few months before I finally set up my blog in May 2017. Since then I have loved being part of the book blogging community, and I honestly can’t imagine having not taken the plunge and started!

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Advice for new bloggers:

To be honest I still feel really new to blogging myself, but if I were to give two pieces of advice they would have to be

1. Don’t be afraid to join in. If you see a weekly meme that looks interesting, just do it. If you see a tag you like but haven’t been tagged, just do it! Just link to the creator and the post that inspired you. Lots of bloggers open their tags to anyone who wants to join in (I keep forgetting to do this, but anyone and everyone is welcome to do any tag I do!), so take them up on it! Plus, if you tag other bloggers, it’s a great way to let people know you like to do tags! Also comment, let other bloggers know what you thought of a specific post or your opinion on a book they have reviewed, whatever you fancy. Just don’t be scared.

2. Try new things. This is something I have just recently been discovering when it comes to gifs. While I love using gifs on different platforms (Tumblr reaction gifs are some of my favourite thing and me and my sisters can carry out a conversation entirely through gifs) I never thought about using them in blog posts until I saw a lot of other bloggers doing it. Now, when I make a post, one of my favourite parts in choosing my gifs and using them to help me get my thoughts and feelings across. It doesn’t have to gifs. It could be creating a new feature or taking part in a new meme, anything you can think of!

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I nominate: 

(I’m cheating and just nominating 5!)

Ash and Lo @Windowsill Books

Mikaela @The Well-Thumbed Reader

Kristin @Kristin Kraves Books

@Never Not Reading

@Ryann The Reader

No worries if you’ve already been nominated for this award or don’t fancy it, but you have fantastic blogs that I love reading!

If anyone else has advice, please feel free to share in the comments, like I said I still feel like a new blogger so I would love to hear it!

Happy Reading!



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