One Lovely Blog Award #2

Tag time! And today is an award I have been lucky enough to be nominated for a second time! Thanks so much to Nut Free Nerd for the nominating me!

thank you gif.gifRules

  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog to the post
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image (oops, sorry I didn’t have an image of the badge)
  • Must add 7 facts about themselves and then nominate 15 people

7 (more) facts about me:

1.After University I hope to be an English High School teacher in a Welsh medium school

2.I am in love with Steve Harrington from the Netflix series Stranger Things (and his relationship with Dustin in the second season is one of the cutest things I have ever seen)

steve and dustin gif.gif

3.I am going to see Ed Sheeran live next year and I am massively excited

4.I love singing and this year I joined a choir at my University (at our end of term concert we are singing a medley of songs from The Lion King and it is the best thing ever!)

singing gif.gif

5.Even though I am scared of dogs (and am 21) whenever I am staying at my family home I use a Disney Lady and the Tramp quilt cover which was the quilt cover my Mum and Dad bought me when I was small to tempt me out of the cot.

6.My favourite John Lewis Christmas advert is The Long Wait from 2011 (if you haven’t ever seen it, seriously go watch it now, it is the cutest thing ever) swiftly followed by The Journey from 2012 (I would also suggest you go watch that!)

beautiful gif

7.Whenever I am ill (or down) I watch one of The Night at the Museum films because they make me really happy (especially the second!)


Norees @ NoReadsTooGreat

Marty @ The Cursed Books

Naty @ Naty’s Bookshelf

Michelle Ofelia @ Ofelia’s Bookshelf

Rhea @ Bookchanted

So there we have it, some more weird and wonderful facts about me! I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about me!

tada gif

Have you watched Stranger Things season 2? If so, come fangirl with me! What are your favourite Christmas adverts of all time? What films do you watch/books do you read when you are ill?

As always, happy reading!


13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award #2

  1. Thank you for nominating me!!! ❤ I've watched the second season of Stranger Things and I agree with you, Steve was wonderful in this season. I've never liked him all that much in the first one, but this one – wow, talking of a huge character development. And him and Dustin are amazing as a duo, with their great hair and all that! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome!! I have to confess I haven’t actually seen the whole of the first series but from what I have heard he has had had a pretty amazing character ark! Haha, agreed, Steve and Dustin are an iconic duo with some iconic hair to boot!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so muchhh for the nomination, this is such a cute award! I haven’t watched Stranger Things 2 yet, I have no idea why!! And it’s so great that you joined a choir, I participated in one while in college and it was the best thing ❤ ❤ I hope you have fun with it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries at all!! Haha, well i can’t talk because i’ve never watched the whole of the first series of stranger things but i absolutely love the second! Thanks, I was always part of choirs during high school but when i moved to uni i just stopped and i honestly didn’t realise how much i missed it until i started going again and i love it so much!! 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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