The World Cup of Everything Mini Review

Something you might know if you’ve read my blog before: I love the British game-show Pointless. It is just harmless, unproblematic fun and makes me feel warm and comfortable when I watch it. This is was a feeling that was replicated reading the most recent book by one of the presenters, Richard Osman (if you have ever caught an episode of Pointless but aren’t a superfan, he is the one who sits behind the desk).

richard osman gif.gif

(this guy)

In this book, Osman sets out 14 so called ‘world cups’ where he pitches different things from a variety of categories ranging from Disney films to Christmas songs against each other. You can either play along alone or with family and friends, or just read the book from cover to cover like I did. It is full of fun facts that are actually fun, humour that made me laugh out loud and manages to make you think really hard about big life questions including which biscuit really is your favourite!

So there we have it, my first ever mini review. I’m not actually sure how mini reviews are meant to work so you’ll have to let me know if I did it right? Have you read the World Cup of Everything? Have you ever watched Pointless? (If not please go do it now!)

Right now gif.gif

And as always, happy reading!


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